Who We Are

Moving Mountains, Inc. was incorporated in 2003, out of a desire to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities opportunities to learn life skills, Specific to their needs, to be able to successfully integrate into their community. We strive to meet the needs of the individuals we serve, and to encompass their families and all the people important in their lives to enable them to learn and grow towards independence. Learn More
Moving Mountains

Our Services

Personal Supports

Personal Supports are designed to encourage community integration. Personal Supports in supported living are also designed to teach the recipient about home related responsibilities.

Life Skills 1 (Companion)

Activities can be volunteer activities performed by the recipient as a pre-work activity or activities that connect a recipient to the community.


This service is generally used to due a brief planned or emergency absence, or when the primary caregiver is available, but temporarily physically unable to care for or supervise the recipient for a short period of time.

Life Skills 2 (Supported Employment)

Provide training and assistance to help support recipients in job development and sustaining paid employment.

Supported Living

The services can include assistance with locating appropriate housing; the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to activities of daily living.

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Our Qualifications

All staff here at Moving Mountains have been through a level 2 background check and are trained in the following:
  • CPR/FA
  • Advocacy
  • Health and Safety
  • Person Centered Planning
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • and more
Our direct service professionals have extensive backgrounds providing life skills training in health, safety, community and home to ensure our individuals meet their own expectations of independence. All staff members have two years or more experience working with individuals with disabilities or disabled family members. APD

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Moving Mountains, Inc. considers the individuals we serve to be our guiding lights. We do not work of a set program, all services are individual guided. We do provide a set type of service, how we provide it is completely guided by the individual.
All services start by applying for the Med-waiver; APD WSC for Citrus County is Renee’ Eldridge 352-330-2744
Service is provided from the point of the delivery of the service authorization onward.
Initially you interview the Direct Service Professional and you develop a mutually agreed schedule with the program specialist.
The schedule is a working document, subject to change as needed. You confer with the Direct Service Professional to make the needed changes.
We make every effort to matcch the service, staff and schedule for the individual, so if for any reason you need to change any of the above, we go back to the drawing board with you until it works.
All people have the right to live as they like. But along with rights come responsibilities. Health, Safety, financial ability, Morals, Ethics, etc.. all play a part in our individual rights and responsibilities. We strive to uphold our responsibilities, while we teach and train the individuals goals, rights, responsibilities and the art of compromise to get all met to the best conclusion possible.

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