Submit an Application


  • All applicants are required to show proof of high school diploma/GED (We don’t require any more than that, and usually if someone has higher education they are eager to show it, so they do) Valid Driver’s license, Social Security card, vehicle registration and insurance. All applicants are required to pass a federal (FDLE) level two background screening (live scan) at the applicant’s expense of 79.00. All applicants are also required to obtain a local law for employment from their local SHERIFF Dept. and have a notarized affidavit of Good Moral character. (included in the application packet.) In addition, Applicants are required to be trained in CPR/BBP within the first 30 days of employment if they do not have proof of current certification in these two areas.(cost to applicant) All trainings and records are the applicant’s property, we require a copy for the personnel records.
  • Applicants need to show at least 2 years experience, if work history does not show this, 1 written professional reference is required to show adequate life experience to total the required experience. 2 letters of character reference from people who have known you at least 3 years is also required.